the artists of the black range


The artists of the black range

nolan winkler - Melody sears - joanna schaefer


Nolan Winkler has been living and painting in Hillsboro for twenty years.  She is the recipient of numerous Artist Fellowship awards that have taken her to art colonies in: Sweet Briar, Virginia; Saratoga, California; Temecula, California; and Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.  She has also received a California Arts Council grant and has shown and given talks about her art throughout the United States.  She has worked with significant artists including: Nathan Oliveira, painting; Garner Tullis, monotype; and Egziano Piersatini in Italy for etching.  See more of her work at her website:  The Black Range Rag hosts a page for Nolan Winkler as well.


Melody Sears works primarily in the medium of pastel, depicting landscapes and scenes around Hillsboro with an eye for the incredible light and drama this area provides. An award-winning artist with membership in the New Mexico Pastel Society and Plein Air Painters of New Mexico, she can often be found out painting in a field, on a ridge, off the road, along a creek.  Visit her websites at and to learn more.  Our video interview with her is at our Videos of the Black Range page or directly at: Pastel Paintings of the Southwest.


Joanna Schaefer

From Her Website:  In 1969 I began working with line in sculpture. Using twine, rope, wire and reed I constructed three dimensional pieces that were designed either to hang in space or free stand. I worked exclusively with line for over ten years. By 1980 I had started adding other elements to the pieces, specifically: branches, bones and leather.  

I now use a wide variety of materials, from bone to styrofoam.

My early work appears abstract and my recent work appears figurative. To me they are the same; both are my arrangement of form, space, texture, color and attitude. An underlying factor throughout my work is my sense of space derived from landscape.

I am also a printmaker, using wood, cardboard and other materials, sometimes combining relief with intaglio. I do not seriously paint.

I make quilted items, needlepoint, beaded pieces and....

Joanna Schaefer exhibits her works at the 152 Gallery - entry via the Hillsboro Historical Society Center (across NM-152 from the Barbershop Cafe).

Examples of her work may also be seen at her page on the Black Range Rag.


Satomi Lander

Satomi Lander is a Japanese clay artist who creates her art with locally harvested clay.  

Dirt shines with her magical touch.  

Earthen floors, earth tables, accent walls, fun earth ornaments and more.

It's all made out of natural clay.

See her work at Satomi Lander's Clay Art.  


Véronique De Jaegher

Thru my photographs I document and share the incredible beauty that surrounds us.  View her photo gallery: A Year In The Life Of A Mountain.