Road Videos

The roads of the Black Range are covered in a set of videos described below.  The map of the Black Range indicates the approximate location covered by individual road videos.  The index below the map is a listing of the road videos with each listing being a link to the individual video.  Bullets under the road video entries are to pages on this site which cover the area in question or to other reference material.  You may also see the full portfolio of videos by following this link:

Click here to see all of the road videos from the black range.

Rpad Video geo index

A. Monticello Box (this road may be closed)

B. Springtime Campground Road

C. Monticello Box to Monticello (this road may be closed at the box)

D. Winston to the Continental Divide

E. Cuchillo to Chloride

F. North Star Road

G. Cooney Road

H. Powder Horn Canyon Road

I. Powder Horn Ridge Road

J. McKnight Spring Road

K. NM-35

L. Emory Pass to San Lorenzo

M. Royal John Mine Road

N. City of Rocks to San Lorenzo (NM-61)

O. Dwyer Road

NM-152 (Hillsboro to Emory Pass)

P. Road to Andrews

Q. NM-152 to Carbonate Canyon (FR-157)

R. East of Hillsboro to Hillsboro

S. Hillsboro to Kingston

T. Kingston to Emory Pass

The Hillsboro to Nutt Auto Tour Page (NM-27)

U. Hillsboro to Lake Valley

      U- 1.  Tierra Blanca Road

V. Hillsboro to Nutt

The Southern Roads

W. Cooke’s Peak Road

X. Ft. Cummings Road

Y. Frying Pan Canyon

  • Walk to Frying Pan Spring

Z. Pony Hills Loop

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